Unit 501 - Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication.

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Unit 501 - Use and develop systems that promote communication. 1.0 Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role. 1.1 In my role as General Manager I communicate on a daily basis with a variety of different people at differing levels whether this be with staff, Service Users, Service User’s families, service providers and people from other organisations such as social services, doctors, district nurses and health care commissioners. I am also responsible for the running of the office and therefore have to communicate with insurers, accountants, trainers and recruitment agencies. The range of people that I have to communicate with is extremely diverse and it is imperative that the form of communication used is appropriate for the individual. When conducting staff training development plans, appraisals and supervisions I use a range of communication skills including listening, oral communication, practical demonstrations (if required) and written reports . I always make sure that I get feedback from staff to ensure that they fully understood the meeting content and outcomes. I carry out assessments of potential and new Service Users. These assessments will normally involve the Service User, members of the Service User’s family and a health care representative. We will discuss Service User’s needs, gather information on medication requirements, carry out risk assessments and discuss the services we offer. This information will then be reviewed and communicated to staff members so we can produce an individual care plan, copies of which are kept at the Service User’s home and in the office records. These care plans are used to give staff guidance and set out the Service User’s routine, emergency contacts, risk assessments, communication records and time sheets. All of this will be discussed with the relevant staff members prior

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