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Promote Communication in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings. 1434 1.1 People communicate in lots of different ways through talking, listening, touch, facial expression, body movement and dress. Also you can communicate by telephone, written communication, texting or online. However we choose to communicate it is how we form relationships and gain trust and confidence in people, weather it be a personal or professional relationship. We have lots of professional relationships in care, with the people we support, their families, other healthcare professionals or colleagues and managers. The way we communicate with people on a professional level is in accordance with The Codes of Practice and our Company Policies…show more content…
Make sure you know which language a person is comfortable communicating with, a written translation or interpreter may be required especially in serious discussions or communication. You should always use a professional interpreter where possible as it is not always appropriate to use a friend or family member in private matters. Interpreters can be sought through Adult services or the police. You should try and learn essential words in their language or use flashcards to help. Non-verbal communication can help but be careful when using hand gestures as they may be the same in a lot of cultures but may be very offensive in another always research. Distressing situations are a part of life we can not always avoid them such as the death of a family member or friend, but we can try and help the person through the distressing time by showing that you are there if required if they would like to talk or that you are able to get somebody else to talk to like another colleague, friend or relative, but without putting pressure on the person as this could cause more distress or agitation. Be aware of your own body language in these circumstances and approach them in a calm, open and non threatening manor make eye contact and show you are willing to

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