Organizational Quality Improvement Plan

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Final Organizational Quality Improvement Plan Holly Zimmerman HCS/588 April 4, 2011 Tracy Miller Executive Summary All organizations, if they are truthful with themselves, have room to improve the quality of service they give to their customers. Whether it is the services that are offered or the care that a patient is given when visiting their establishment, Mid-Columbia Medical Center continually works as a team to ensure that everything is done to the best of their ability and to the levels of which their patients have been accustomed to. Time Management is an issue for everyone and Mid-Columbia is no different. One of the major complaints that are often heard from patients is the time they spend in an emergency room or…show more content…
Mid-Columbia’s mission is to lead and act as a catalyst in promoting health for all people. They want to recognize the individual as a whole human being with different needs and to communicate a vision of health and education to upgrade the quality of life in the community environment. They believe it is important to empower people to become partners in their own healthcare. Mid-Columbia’s commitment to meet or exceed expectations of patients and to create an exceptional experience, results in industry leading levels of patient satisfaction (MCMC,…show more content…
They provide a rehabilitation center that works not only with the body but the mind, to treat the whole person. And, they have a Breast Care Center, which has earned a national accreditation and provides state-of-the-art screening and diagnostic tools (MCMC, 2009-2010). Being affiliated with the right organizations can help with strengthening your status in the community, which is why Mid-Columbia, became affiliated with the Planetree Alliance. Planetree is a non-profit organization that believes the same things that Mid-Columbia does and they help with continuing promotion of nurturing the body, mind and spirit. They believe that kindness and compassion helps minimize the stress that hinders healing (Planetree, 2009) and treating the patients like human beings rather than numbers, can go a long way. Activities and

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