Role of the Careworker

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THE ROLE OF THE HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE WORKER. HSC 025 AC1.2 – Describe different working relationships in health and social care setting People in the care assistant role make sure that support they give to residents is according to their agreed plan of care – it is their role to provide the client with exceptional quality of care. They can only do this by encouraging and involving the individuals in all of the decision making. It is important to keep communication going in the care sector, for example – speaking to the residents when they wish to have a chat. The role of a care home manager is to be available 24 hour a day for managing all services ( sometimes the night staff need urgent help, and the manager should always be available ) The care home manager needs to make sure that consent is given before any care is provided to the individuals. They ensure that enough help and support is given to the residents, the manager also needs to look at people who can’t decide by themselves and judge to the best of the ability if staff is doing the right things for the people that cant speak up for themselves. The care home manager also makes sure that everyone that work in their organization provides exceptional care to individuals in a person centred manner. It is their responsibility to follow the rules. The managers encourage all those who give care to document and record all the significant pieces of information they have including any enquiries by the individuals. This keeps the care home going… care home managers provide motivation, guidance and leadership to other team members. Individuals need support and encouragement from the care assistants so that they can participate well every single day. They also help the care assistants by talking to them, and reminding them about the things they previously did. Some ( not many ) individuals seek support of
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