Watson Job Aid

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Watson Job-Aid
Jean Watson teaches the Caring Theory which embodies single caring moments between the patient and the caregiver. Watson believes that both parties involved in the healing process should make a deep and meaningful connection that transcends the present time and illness. The caring science is a trans-disciplinary area of study that includes not only the physical, but the metaphysical, theological, spiritual and ethical areas involved in creating a new foundation for the future of nursing. The goals of Jean Watson are to restore love and compassion as the ethical foundation of healthcare to provide a peaceful world beyond all understanding. She believes in the relationship between love, caring and peace.
According to Watson Caring Institute, 2012, “The caring model or theory can also be considered a philosophical and moral/ethical foundation for professional nursing and part of the central focus for nursing at the disciplinary level,” (The Implications of Caring Theory). Morally nurses are expected to protect human dignity. Ethically nurses are to provide competent and safe care to the best of their ability for the well-being of the patient. Nurses are to apply their personal values and treat each patient as an individual and not judge them based upon their differences. Each patient is entitled to quality competent care, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. Patients are not flesh alone, but have feelings and beliefs that need to be understood and met. According to Lachman, 2012, “Care can be considered simply and ethical task and thus a burden of one more thing to do, or it can be considered a commitment to attending to and becoming enthusiastically involved in the patient’s needs,” (p.114). As the workload increases for nurses, the ability to provide heartfelt caring moments has decreased.
According to Watson, 2009, “Nurses and

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