Jean Watson Essay

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Jean Watson

Jean Watson is a caring and an open person who has accomplished many goals in her nursing career. Watson’s philosophy has involved on how the way a patient should be treated, the relationship between the caregiver and the cared for should be trustworthy. Watson develops a theory of caring that involves a sequence of how to care for a patient when in need of help. Watson has made many contributions that influence the nursing career today.
Dr. Jean Watson earned her degrees as an undergraduate and a graduate from 1964 to 1973. She specializes in nursing and psychiatric-mental health nursing and now has her PhD in educational psychology and counseling. Watson is a published author and gained many awards and honors such as the international Kellogg Fellowship in Australia and a Fulbright Research Award in Sweden. ( She created two theories called “The philosophy and science of caring” and “Nursing: human science and human care” that was published in 1978 and 1988. Jean Watson is someone who cares for patients and believes that they should be treated with respect.
Jean Watson created a philosophy for ten carative factors for patient care and how the role of being a nurse should be. Watson believes that it is the way to satisfy certain human needs. ( The ten carative factors deal with being fair and to respect yourself and others. She believes others should have hope and faith when modern medicine can do no more to help the patient. Establishing a helping-trust relationship can make the patient and the caregiver more comfortable with one another. Watson believed in being “open to mystery and allow miracles to enter.” (
Dr. Jean Watson’s theory of caring involves knowing how

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