Interprofessional Learning Essay

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Identify and evaluate elements of effective interprofessional working. In particular you should consider the practical application of working within teams in terms of attitudes and values and those impacts upon the care of Harriet and her family during her treatment for breast cancer. This essay will discuss the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary team (MDT) providing care and support to Harriet and her family during her treatment for breast cancer. It will identify the impact of the team’s attitudes and values have on Harriet, focusing on the key element of interprofessional collaboration. Also illustrating how effective communication and collaboration is an essential aspect in provided a high quality level of care, and enabling professional relationships to be built within teams. (Denton, S 1996 pp1 ) Breast Cancer is a particular emotive disease that can affect not just Harriet but her whole family. An experienced compassionate approach from a collaboration of interprofessionals is required to successfully achieve the care and integrated service required for Harriet and her family. (Bredin 2001 cited in Mackereth pp150) Stated from the National Institute of clinical excellence 2004 (NICE) provision of care services can vary across the UK, however one consistency it has is the provision of a MDT approach. The working together of interprofessionals can benefit an individual such as Harriet by delivering of service arranged around her needs as opposed to professional boundaries and organisational requirements (Griffiths & Schell cited in Turner A, et al) Interprofessional working will provide Harriet with a team of specialised professionals that will have in depth knowledge and expertise within the area of breast cancer. They will work predominately and exclusively with Harriet and her family (Stevens E 2003) Helping her make sense of the illness and adjust

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