Delegation In Nursing Care

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Delegation is a critical skill in many professions, especially in healthcare. Regardless of what position we hold, in a professional organization delegation is required if we want the job done on time and allows the goals for safe patient care to be met based on the scope of practice. As the new nursing supervisor my job is to manage all nurses, to make sure that everything runs smoothly and if I encounter a problem then I have to resolve it in a timely manner. I am also in charge of evaluating my team, to make sure that we all collaborate to ensure that the best care possible is given to each and every patient and this is done by promoting interdisciplinary care in the clinic. This can be achieved by establishing goals, morning huddles holding…show more content…
R as mentioned in the case study is a 19 year old Latina female, who is 30 weeks pregnant and is developmentally delayed and has no support of her boyfriend or family. This teenager needs a lot of resources from the clinic as well as from the community to ensure a safe rest of her pregnancy. Mrs. W has the opportunity to delegate to her peers. Mrs. W had made some efforts to finding some community resources and has not been able to follow through, but there is a social worker as well as a community health nurse that are able to assist and find outside resources for Mrs. W. Especially since the social worker speaks Spanish and will be able to better communicate with the patient and further assess her needs, she can also assist Mrs. R to cope with her everyday issues and help adjust to her current lifestyle. Mrs. R is also non compliant with her antibiotics, since she is having a recurrent UTI, but the LVN can always make follow up phone calls to the patient to remind her that she needs to finish the course of antibiotics as well as to do labor teaching, parenting, infant care and remind her the importance of keeping her appointments. Mrs. W can also make the referral to the nutritionist to ensure proper nutrition of the patient and to educate on healthy
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