Rhetorical Analysis Of PETA

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The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also known as PETA, are one of the largest animal rights organizations in the world. They believe animals should not be used for food, clothing, or experiments. PETA posts these types of advertisements everywhere. Including: billboards, magazines, newspapers and on the internet. They bring attention to their cause by getting celebrities to model in their clever ad campaigns. In image one, PETA is using sex appeal to pursue readers not to wear leather. As a result, this advertisement is appealing to people’s emotions. Therefore, this advertisement is utilizing pathos rhetoric strategy. The model, Jenna Jameson, is wearing provocative lingerie and is in a seductive pose. Jameson is drawing attention to the advertisement’s point; people should wear pleather instead of leather, with her sex appeal. Even the logo offers sex appeal to its viewers. The catchy phrase “pleather yourself” is actually a word play on the…show more content…
Cross is standing on a white runway in a dark lit room, except for a few camera flashes. This advertisement’s focus is on Cross’s naked, hairy body and on the bright pink words “Wear your own fur.” The viewer notices Cross’s naked body and the catch phrase instantly because the neutral colors make you focus on his body and the words, thus, making the viewer laugh. The colors schemes in these ads create strong emotions in the viewers. Color perception plays a huge role in the rhetoric of these advertisements. PETA advertisements use many rhetorical devices to get PETA’s anti- cruelty messages across. However, these two advertisements mainly use the pathos rhetoric strategy. They use celebrities, the ideas of desire and femininity, catch phrases, humor and color psychology to charm to their audience in becoming aware of their fight for animal rights. These strategies let PETA get their cause out to the public and get people thinking about animal

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