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Pink: Stupid Girls The media offers different means of communication, through which people can obtain information. A common, yet neglected source of media that the general public does not typically consider to analyze is in the form of a song. Songs easily have the capability to express significant issues ongoing in popular culture. These issues however, often seem to go unnoticed due to the melodious rhythm and tune the song possesses. Singer and songwriter, Pink, takes a stand for an important issue in one of her most popular and controversial songs, Stupid Girls. Not only does Pink’s lyrics coincide with the graphics she portrays in her video, she also has admirable intentions for writing the song which makes viewers reflect on themselves about that issue after hearing the track, or viewing the music video. Thus, I will argue that Pink’s Stupid Girls song and music video portrays issues that women in society are facing, due to the general mentality popular media places on femininity. Her argument through these portrayals is that women should be seen as ambitious, equal individuals through the eyes of society, and through the eyes of the beholder. Firstly, I will discuss culture’s objectification of women in the media. Women are being viewed as a mere commodity for the desires of men, as well as sexual, superficial beings. Within Pink’s song and music video, Stupid Girls, she gives a conspicuous demonstration of how women in the media are portrayed as sexual objects. In the first verse of her song, Pink states, “What happened to the dream of a girl president? She’s dancing in the video next to 50 Cent” ( This scene in the music video has two contradistinctive images; the first of which is of a female president reciting a speech; thus illustrating the image of a determined woman empowering authority and influence. The second

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