Dehumanizing Women in Advertising

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Dehumanizing Women in Advertising Advertisements are put in place to entice the consumer into spending their money on something more often than not, useless. Whether it is a new vacation spot or a cashmere sweater at an over-priced department store, the object of the campaign is to appeal to the general population. When researchers analyzed techniques in advertising, they found a significant pattern that parallels an overwhelming phenomenon around the world; the objectification of women. Although it is not as obvious as the pornography industry, advertising uses women as a mere display case for the product, over-highlighting the physical attributes that appeal to men. In a perfume ad released by Calvin Klein recently, a young woman was posed nude on a couch, seducing the camera, and the perfume bottle was tucked away nearly out the frame. The photographer posed the women as a tool, using her sexual appeal and her body as a means of selling the product. Essentially, women are being significantly rewarded for their sexual attractiveness as opposed to their intelligence, virtues, and personality. This in turn causes the average women to question her validity in society; her sexual appeal, her image, and her body as opposed to non-observable characteristics like her capability. This also snowballs into the belief that objectifying women is justifiable because it is so publicly shown in magazines, television ads, and billboards. Another example of a questionable ad would be a Dolce & Gabbana magazine ad depicting a woman with half of her dress torn off, looking desperately at the camera while one man holds her arms and three other men watch from various angles. The ad does not showcase any of the designers’ clothes, advertise any sort of perfume, or picture any accessories; it is merely a violent image with a brand name on the bottom. With this constant portrayal of

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