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Eladio Quinones Professor Tabor EN-103 2 December 2012 “Cover Girl + Olay” Parent Magazine pg 21 In the challenging industry of make-up; many companies hire advertisers that can use different techniques to persuade consumers to buy their product. Cover Girl and Olay have used a combination of techniques to capture their audiences. In this advertisement using Ellen DeGeneres they have used a combination of ethos, pathos and logos. In the ad Ellen is on the left side of the page with a white background and by her wearing black clothes makes her stand out. With a big smile and her hands holding her jacket makes her look cheerful. Her scarf swing as if the wind is blowing it; gives us the sense of a warm wind day. On the right side of the ad with a black background and white font and a colorful picture of a bottle of Cover Girl and Olay TONE REHAB with spiral colorful swirls going around the bottle; makes the bottle stand out and capture the eye of their consumers. By using Ellen DeGeneres the advertisers have incorporated ethos-Ellen well-known and unique comedic reputation and host of the award winning daytime talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” along with her stand on humanitarian causes, animal rights and global warming to show her humanity and credibility. I also believe by using Ellen DeGeneres a knowingly open Lesbian that usually wears menswear as she is not wearing your usual dress that most Cover Girl wear. The advertiser is trying to reach the lesbian audience. Showing Ellen with both arms holding her jacket as the wind blows her scarf aside with a huge smile, expresses to the audience the confidence and emotions that she feels good about herself. By using Ellen a more realistic and average person than the normal Cover Girl; I believe they are using the window affect in this ad therefore the advertiser incorporates pathos. The advertiser used

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