Mean Girls Attempt to Positively Address the Young Population

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Mean Girls Attempt to Positively Address the Young Population The movie, Mean Girls, addresses many cultural ideologies in a negative way, due, in part, to the formula that the movie follows. Mean Girls fits into the film genre teen comedy, which is a genre that targets teens and teen’s special interests, such as coming of age, first love, rebellion, and conflicts with parents, body image and alienation. Often these normally serious subject matters are presented in a glossy, stereotyped or trivialized way. Teen comedy films play up these factors to the extreme to add humor to the film and use satire to make fun of a somewhat teenage reality. This is exactly what the movie, Mean Girls, does. It focuses on certain aspects of teens’ lives and overdramatizes them to add humor and to show the negative effects of certain behavior. Through the clicks, girl drama, raging parties, and many sex scenes, Mean Girls fits perfectly into the teen comedy mold. While Mean Girls addresses many cultural ideologies, central to the movie, one that is overplayed is the female stereotype. Mean Girls attempts to critique the typical female stereotype by using the plastics to over exaggerate the glamour and happiness that comes from being popular. While attempting to provide an ostensible moral to its viewers, the humor and the extreme over exaggeration undercuts the intentional meaning of the story. It ends up making light of the reality of the struggles and pressures that are put on women. Mean Girls ends up sending a negative message to the female teen population about how women should look, dress, and act. A young girl or teen watching the film is supposed to see the falsity and danger of popularity, but instead a typical young viewer will see and attempt to emulate the image of the plastics. The Plastics portray an image that young girls struggle to fit into everyday. That perfect
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