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Returning to School 1 Returning to School Daffney A. Maley Ashford English 121: English Comp I Ms. Nichole Harris October 5, 2009 Returning to School 2 Abstract My narrative essay on why I decided to return to school. Reasons on my decisions for returning backto school. A list of all the benefits of my college degree. Changes in my lifestyle that requiredme to pursue my degree. Also strategies I used to overcome my obsticles. The end Returning to School 3 Returning to School While the decision to return back to school was a very difficult decision, I made it. I had so many things going on in my life at that time, that one more thing on my plate seemed nearly impossible. I had a lot of other things to conciderin making my decision. I had to make something of my life for not just myself, but for my family as well. There are many reasons why I decided to return to school, but the main reason was because I alwayspush her to do well in school and get good grades so that she could go to college. So I neededto lead by example. This is just one of the many reasons why I decided to return to school. Another was to better myself and be a constant provider for my family. You see I am also a single mother and have to do this alone and I knew with an education it would make it a little easier. Though it would not be easy getting there, in the end it would. The benefits of getting my degree in education are many. One main benefit that comes with mydegree is my love for children. I love working with them and to teach them something that theywill be able to take from me and use the rest of their lives is just an amazing feeling. To also be able to give a child the confidence and encouragement to succeed is another benefit that mydegree will give me. Also I hope that by the time my youngest daughter is

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