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Returning Back to School Have you ever, wondered how many baby boomers are returning to school? In addition, what are their reasons why? An “article in the U.S. News and World report indicates that among 78 million baby boomers, 2 million are taking courses as we speak.” (Thompson, 2009, p.1). The world around us is changing every second of the day. Through this changing world, the baby boomers have come to rationalize they need to return to school for the following reasons: downsizing, economy, technology, careers, new skills, and dreams they put on hold for different reasons. I was like many other baby boomers that had to return to school, for one reason or another. Why I decided to return to school was to achieve…show more content…
I was lacking some requirements, but I went ahead and applied for both positions. Having muddle up emotions about this decision, it took me six months to decide that I had no other choice, but to return to school. Therefore, on January 31, 2012, I returned to school to attain my Bachelor’s Degree. With all the unknowns placed in my life, I told myself I must move forward, and look at it in a positive way. When I started classes, memories started to surfaces from the past. Remembering that I had another long-term dream, to become an entrepreneur, and have my own Pr-K learning center. When I remembered this dream I realized returning to school was the most important decision that I could have made. With that thought in mind, I started moving in the direction to accomplish that dream. Yes, there has been negative events that as accrued during my lifetime, but it has made me stronger and more determined to fulfill my dreams. As of today, downsizing never took place. I am still the Assistant Director for our Head Start Center, and the dreams that were on hold for so many years are still in

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