Returning to School; My Reasons Why!

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Assignment #4: “Changing Our Lives” Introduction, Conclusion, and Title Angelina Andrews ENG 090- Writing Fundamentals Professor Ipcizade July 27, 2014 Returning to School; My Reasons Why? [TITLE] [INTRODUCTION] Have you ever started something but didn’t follow through with it? Picture this, ten years after high school you’re sitting in front of my computer at work looking at advertisements for online colleges and a light bulb goes off! YOU’RE GOING TO COLLEGE! Yes, that was me. [BEGINNING] So I searched for hours, weighing the pros and cons of each college, finding the one that was right for me. Completed all required steps and paperwork to enroll. The day has come, and I am starting my college education that I have postponed for ten years. First week goes well; all assignments finished on time, family let me have my time to do work. Later on down the road of education the struggle of balancing life and work finally took its toll on me. After only attending college for two semesters I dropped out of college, diminishing my dream of having a college degree. Man, what was I thinking? I viewed myself as a quitter or failure; I couldn’t finish something again. Then my second child came into the world, and I sat back and looked at my children, my family, and my friends that look up to me. How can they lookup to someone that couldn’t even finish her college classes? [INTRODUCING THE SUBJECT]So after many hours of consideration, I have decided to return to college in hopes to obtain my degree for several reasons. Even though returning to school will change many aspects in my family and my lives, I have chosen to return to school to finish what I started, to achieve my dreams, and to lead by example. [THESIS STATEMENT] [CONCLUSION] To sum it all up, I have decided to return to finish what I started, achieve my dreams, and lead by example.

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