Research Paper on the Mlb Steroid Scandel

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Steroids: The Problem Plaguing Our Pastime The pastime of our nation spinning out of control: the cheating, lying, and deceiving are disgracing the face of baseball. With tainted and inflated records, constant media coverage and debate and players who should be legends of the game in fear of not making the Hall of Fame, what is to blame for this: Steroids. To find an answer for solving the steroid problem one must look at where steroids came from and what they have done to the game, by looking at all aspects of where steroids came from and what they have done only then can one render a solution to eradicate them from the game completely. To understand how steroids have become the biggest problem to ever hit a professional sport one must take a look at where they came from and why they became such a big part of the nation’s greatest pastime. Major League Baseball has always had some type of problem with substance abuse. In the 1920’s the most famous baseball player of all time was a known alcoholic; his name was George Herman Ruth, affectionately known to the entire world as Babe Ruth. Other famous players such as Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams and Wade Boggs were also known for being hard partiers and major substance abusers. In 1985 baseball drug trials in Pittsburgh were held to examine the usage of cocaine in the game. Keith Hernandez ‘a former NL MVP’ told the jury “approximately 40% of players in the big leagues were using coke” (Ray). The year was 1985; fresh off the 1984 World Series, which was anything but exciting. A young player strolled into training camp by the name of Jose Canseco. He was just a double A ballplayer at the time, but he would go on to be the man who single handedly brought steroids into the game of baseball. Discovering them while participating in his regular off season workouts; Canseco learned how to use to build an incredibly physique.

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