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Thierry Monteiro English 010-04 Portfolio Open Section 12/4/12 Cocaine Cowboys In the 1980s Miami Florida was just beginning to the crime capital of the nation, but it had also been the drug capital for a decade. FBI issued its annual list of the ten most crime-ridden cities in the nation last September, Three of them were in South Florida. Miami was in a first place, West Palm Beach was fifth and Fort Lauderdale was eight. An estimated 70% of Cocaine imported to the U.S passes through South Florida. When president of Cuba Fidel Castro agreed to allow citizens to leave in response to a tough Cuban economy, many of them departed to the United States and landed in South Florida which increased the crime rate in the city of Miami. However Cuba wasn’t the only country that was responsible for the crimes in Miami during the 1980s. Colombia was also involved in the Cocaine business in Miami. Based on the movie Cocaine Cowboys, it shows how John Roberts, Mickey Munday, Rafa Cardona Salazar, Max Mermestein was importing drugs into Florida. Jon Roberts who flooded Miami with $2 billion worth of cocaine in the '80s,was one of the drug trafficker and government informant who operated in the Miami area and was an associate of Medellín Cartel during the growth phase in cocaine trafficking. Soon after he hooked up with Medellin Cartel he began using his own method to ship cocaine into the United States. He began orchestrating plane shipments of hundreds of kilos of cocaine a week. He was associated with Mickey Munday who is the last Cocaine Cowboys left alive. He was also involved in the cocaine business during that time. Based on the Movie Jon Roberts was kind of like the thinker and Mickey Munday was like the pilot. Jon would think about where to deliver the drug and how to deliver the drug while Mickey on the other hand was the one who flew the drugs into Miami. In

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