The Black Mafia Family

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The Black Mafia Family originated around the late 1980’s. This was a time of new found origins in the drug world. The addition of crack cocaine to the market made crime lords waiting in the mist to get it onto the streets and get it to their public as fast as they possibly could. The Black Mafia Family was one of those gangs that had made themselves a staple in the drug game. Starting off in Detroit, Michigan by founders Demetrious and Terry Flenory, they built themselves a drug empire. They have had various business ventures over the years in order to gain the street credibility that they have created for themselves. What once started as a local gang was able to grow themselves into a large enough faction to have cocaine cells in almost every…show more content…
The Black Mafia Family would then go on to create BMF Records in order to get themselves involved into the hip hop world and culture. It has been said that BMF records as well as high ranking officials of the Black Mafia Family have been seen with the famous rappers such as the likes of Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Sean “P Diddy” Combs, and Bun-B. The Black Mafia Family other then the large quantities of drug distribution centers coming in from their sources in Mexico and the hip hop record label that they themselves have created there is not much more business involvement. They have spanned out across the country in hopes to become the most powerful drug distributors across the continental United States. By the time the year 2005 had come around, the Black Mafia Family had pretty much come to a screeching halt when, in part to their large growth and popularity, had become under the investigation of federal…show more content…
Their origin coming in the 80’s left little time for them to grow and expand much outside the drug world. This group utilized ties down in Mexico to bring in their vast amounts of cocaine into the country, at first just stemming in the Detroit area and as the years went on would span all of America. The Black Mafia Family is not believed to have any roots that stem from the times of prohibition therefore leaving out any business ventures from that time period. As far as drug syndicates go, during their run from the 1980’s to about 2005 they have been considered one of the biggest distributors of cocaine in the United States. Although the Black Mafia Family is not seen to have any political figures within their grasp, they have been able to gain some hindsight in the pop culture world, which in this day and age can be just as dangerous as those actually involved in politics. Although the majority of their drug running has come to a hold, they still live on the rap music that they have helped create, such as the likes of Rick Ross’s “Blowin Money Fast” Which on the album remains in its acronym form of “BMF” and mentions some of the major players with the organization “Big Beech” and “Larry Hoover.” As far as illicit actions from the Black Mafia Family, there are many allegations of various crimes that can be tied to their organization. The Black Mafia Family was seen as just a large violent group as they were drug kingpins.

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