Gangs and Drugs

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Mario Loredo ADC PD 100 (B) Instructor: Jose Ochoa “The Focus With Gangs And Drugs” Gangs and drugs have seemed to have always been associated with one another. Street gangs and prison gangs are the primary distributers of illegal drugs on the streets of the United States. Gangs also smuggle drugs, produce and transport drugs within the country. The relation between drugs and gangs Gangs primarily produce Marijuana and methamphetamine. In addition, gangs increasingly are smuggling large quantities of heroin, cocaine, and MDMA (also known as ecstasy) into the United States. Local street gangs in rural, suburban, and urban areas transport drugs within very specific areas, most of what seem to be low socio-economical areas. Some gangs collect millions of dollars per month selling illegal drugs, trafficking weapons, operating prostitutions rings, and selling stolen property. Gangs launder their proceeds by investing in real estate, recording studios, motor cycle shops, and construction companies. The extent of gangs/drugs A proliferation in gangs will also mean a growth in drug and violence in our community’s and threatening society in general. There are more than 731,000 active gang members in the United States, most of which are active with drug distribution. Gangs will and have shown themselves notorious and without regard to society and family. Street gangs employ violence to control drug activities and even targeting local businesses with extortion. Violence ensures that members adhere to the gang’s code of conduct. Authorities through out the country report that gangs are responsible for most of the serious violent crime in the United States. From a personal reference, I know a gang member who has shot and killed his own brother due to a gang and drug related issue. Drug use within the life and mentality of a gang member is a
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