Effects of Rap Music

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Rap Music Rap music is giving the whole hip hop industry a bad name. Although the genres are similar, rap has primarily become all gangster rap. Violence has definitely been more highly promoted in rap lyrics in recent years. The lyrics in rap have always been somewhat violent or controversial, but at some point it needs to be toned down a bit. One of the major factors of the violent lyrics and music videos is that many rappers are actually ex-cons, in gangs, or have committed the crimes they speak about. They rap about being the average hustler on the streets of their hometown. This relates with their audience of young males, primarily African American, trying to achieve what the rappers have. This is a good way to relate to an audience, but can be detrimental to aspiring young males. Some artists may use this tactic to explain that their upbringing was tough; saying to avoid the paths they took, but the listeners just here the violence. One way to solve this problem is for parents to censor the music their children listen to. Parent can easily do this with parental blocks on computers and by not buying the explicit cd’s for their children. Allowing children to choose the music they listen to isn’t bad parenting, as long as the children understand the music is abusive and not to be imitated. Having an older brother I can attest to the ease of getting my hands on explicit music at a young age. I enjoy some rap music, but know that the music is solely music and nothing else. Rappers of today are always talking about drug use, crimes, making money, and murdering. Listening to certain songs, you would almost think it is acceptable to do these things. Songs don’t seem to get the same recognition unless they have abusive, dirty lyrics. There are plenty of non-violent rap groups, and rappers who don’t use foul language in their songs. These artists such as Will

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