Reflection On Sacrifices

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Sacrifice Project Reflection Paper When the Great Depression struck, many people had to make sacrifices and give up certain things for many different reasons. Most of those sacrifices were tough to go through and they gave them up because they could not afford to keep them anymore. People had to give up money, clothing, cars, houses and heat, and even food and water. Obviously nobody can live without food or water, but when I say they had to sacrifice it, I mean they had to resort in downgrading by a lot. They went from eating wholesome, healthy foods to eating bread and drinking milk with it. That was one of my sacrifices I did for this project. Honestly, this one was easy. I did it for breakfast and lunch. It's not the fact that it had no taste, it's just I cut my portions on it to see what it really felt like to only eat 1 or 2 pieces of bread and one small glass of milk. Having to do that for years would have driven me crazy and I cannot imagine how it was when the people back during the depression felt. Another thing that the people had to, not as much give up, but more of start doing. The children and even the parents had to do a lot more around the house to help each other out so it doesn't all pile on one person. So I took that sacrifice as well. I did laundry for my parents, I did the dishes and cleaned our kitchen, and I swept and dusted almost every single room in our house. This sacrifice wasn't so bad, more time consuming when I could have been doing other things like being with friends or even been writing this paper instead of doing the cleaning. That sacrifice really made me think of how hard it must have been for them because I know that times they had to clean were a lot dirtier and I had the help from modern technology that they also did not have. Another rough sacrifice I had to make was not wearing any accessories for 3 days. People back

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