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Tate Roll Period 2 10/9/09 In the article “The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home” by Daniel Wientraub the author states that childhood obesity has been declared as a state of emergency. The Author believes that it is parents, not children, who are to blame for childhood obesity. I agree with the author's statement that parents are to blame for childhood obesity because I have witnessed it within my own family. The article states that teenagers have been filing law suits blaming McDonald's for their health problems. But what these kids do not know is that their parents are actually the ones to blame. The parents of these teens did not teach them healthy eating habits. About a year ago I went to the beach with my aunt and three cousins. My aunt is clearly overweight and on our way to the beach we stopped off at McDonald's and my aunt had ordered two Big Macs, an order of large fries, and an extra large Coke. I can only imagine what my cousins thought as they heard their mother order this…show more content…
Instead most people blame the fast food companies. In the article “Its Portion Distortion” by Shannon Brownlee it is portion sizes and the lack of nutritional guides that are the cause of obesity. While some people may believe that is true I have no idea how to read a nutritional guide and I was taught as I was growing up that fast food is bad for your health. For example the movie “Super Size me” was made to warn people about the dangers of eating nothing but fast food. My family eats out only once or twice a week and the other days we eat home cooked meals. Parents are to blame for childhood obesity because they have the means to teach their children but choose not to because they believe someone else will teach them. It is not the lack of a nutritional guide or large portion sizes at cheap prices it is the irresponsibility of parents that is the cause. If you do not teach your kids who

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