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Teresa Chavez Simon Scholar Application Essay In today’s society image and physical appearances can’t help but creep in into almost everyone’s intellectual functions and notions. Why are materialistic things such a necessity? Why can’t anyone conceive the title of being called “perfect”? Why are prepossessing faces and appealing bodies so crucial in everyone’s eyes? These were the questions I solicited answers to for my entire life. Ever since I can recall, I had always been that chubby little girl in the family and had always struggled with my weight. I was never athletic or notable for anything. In school, my grades were satisfactory, but never as good as I desired them to be. I had low self-esteem growing up because…show more content…
As I moved to a public school, I lost friends and lost more of the self-assurance I didn’t even own. I was picked on in school for my weight and for wearing a bra at such a young age because I had more meat on my body than most girls. I would cry myself to sleep practically each night and began starving myself. Starving myself was a perplex undertaking because I was conscious that my mother would quickly discern and I was young, so I would not be able to withstand not eating for such a duration of time, but I kept this up, on and off, for a couple of months. I did begin loosing weight, which generated in me the greatest appeasement, but I would always recoup that weight, and because of that my mother never managed to perceive anything. I was consumed with the visualization of being tiny and being just like other young girls my age. I was in love with the concept of being “perfect.” At this point in my life, I thought my weight was the most insoluble thing I would have to tackle, but little did I know how early I had spoken. In fourth grade, I noticed drastic alterations in my personal life. My father became more and more withdrawn from my mother, sister, brother, and I. I was naïve and ingenuous at the time, and didn’t

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