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Steve Effects Essay/Poverty Steve’s Poverty Essay What is Poverty? Poverty is in every nation, city and community of this abundant Earth of ours. If you ask most Americans now days; they may say “not having a good job”. Because most of us are so busy managing our own lives, we tend to not think about the real effects of this social tragedy. I am so blessed not to have experienced what Jo Goodwin Parker went though. As I read her definition on poverty, I could see the devastating effects that this had on her and her children. Three affects that Jo Parker endured during these hard times were neglected heath issues, malnutrition, and no luxuries. First of all, they had neglected heath issues that most would consider minor, such as, red and cracked hands from not having any hand lotion. She once saved her money for two months to purchase Vaseline for her dry hands. When it came time to buy the item; it had gone up two cents, and she could not buy it. Another health issue was her kids always had runny noses which got worse because she couldn’t afford medicine or even tissues. Finally, if having worms isn’t bad enough, she has no money for the worm medicine.…show more content…
She writes about having a disease called anemia; anemia is caused from a poor diet. Next, she writes about her children’s sparse breakfast. They have grits with no oleo or cornbread without eggs and oleo. In paragraph 11 she states that “they do not suffer from hunger, but they do suffer from malnutrition” (Parker 129). After she pays her rent and electric bill, she only has enough money for grits, cornmeal, beans, rice and

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