The Sovereignty And Goodness Of God Analysis

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Tony Parr Professor Smith 28 September 2012 American History The Sovereignty and Goodness of God is a text written in the 17th century by a puritan woman, Mary Rowlandson. She is the daughter of a rich land owner. She is married to Joseph Rowlandson and she has three kids, Joseph, Mary, and Sarah. They lived in Lancaster Massachusetts and they lived an uneventful life until the beginning of this text around the year 1676. Towards the end of the King Phillips War, Nipmunk and Narragansett Indians attacked the city while her husband was away and killed or captured many of the settlers in Lancaster. She was taken captive for three months and eventually ransomed off. This document is important for a few reasons. It allows us to see what the…show more content…
For starters, they invaded her home and killed one of her children. She also didn’t like their way of life. She often compared them to animals. These tie in with the theme that I find appropriate for the topic of how Mary viewed the Indians, which is the blurred line between being a savage and being civilized. Some of the things that Mary had to do in order to survive went against her religion and her morals. The Indians ate strange foods, traveled every day, and live in wigwams. “The first week of my being among them, I hardly eat any thing; the second week, I found my stomach grow very faint for want of something; and yet it was very hard to get down their filthy trash; but the third week, though I could think how formerly my stomach would turn against this or that, and I could starve and die before I could eat such things, yet they were sweet and savory to my taste” (Rowandson 79). She calls their food “filthy trash”, which is an indicator of how she felt about their foods and ways of life. “Yet they were sweet and savory to my taste” is a sign that she is giving in to the savagery. This is part of the reason on why she clarifies them as savages. She believes that they are un-civilized and that they are animals. She refers to them as being animals a lot in the

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