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Moon Myth Long ago in ancient Mexico, there were ten Suns, the lands have been dried up, the crops were all destroyed, and people can’t breathe. The heat has affected the animals and monsters in the jungle and came out to harm people. The disasters in the Earth have shocked the gods in the heaven. They sent a warrior from heaven call Chimbonda with his wife, Shalala down to the Earth gave him a bow to shoot the Suns. Chimbonda climbed up to the highest mountain in Mexico, Mt. Kirakira and one by one he shot the Suns down. Instead of killing the last sun, he did not because he thought the last sun would be useful to the human race. But, the last Sun name Abudorius, wants revenge against the gods and Chimbonda. First, he killed Chimbonda and…show more content…
The people of the Earth suffered most of it because with day and light always switching, people can't sleep well, can’t plant their crops, and many more. Then they tried to sacrifice thousands of human beings each year to please the gods in exchange for a good harvest season, but the sacrificing did not help to stop the war. At least, for another fifteen years, the war has been going on and people suffered more. With millions of people been sacrificed during these years, finally, Nahito has signed a peace treaty with Abudorius and stopped the battle. He established a rule that only the Sun can come out in the day and only the Moon can come out at night to help the humans to get a better life. The holes on the moon are the scars of the battle. After twenty years of peace, Nahito was away from Mexico in China to gather secret ingredients for his magic potion, and Abudorius stroke again, he secretly sent Qwodog to hide Wascacarara’s light so she won’t grow. The gods did nothing about this because the gods afraid that Abudorius will wage war again. Wascacarara has lost most of her strength after the battle with Abudorius, however she won’t give up battling Qwodog to let her light shine on the great Earth. This is how the phases of the

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