3-Day Diet Analysis

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3-Day Diet Analysis SCI241 1/20/2012 3-Day Diet Analysis When I first read the assignment for today I knew I was in nutritional trouble. First of all I do not eat 3 full meals throughout the day for my schedule is very hectic. On a good day, I may eat one meal a day and it’s normally a salad or fast food. With my schedule it’s hard to really calculate anything because some days I forget to eat. On those days, I sometimes drink Ensure to and take vitamins to make up for the nutrients I did not intake throughout the day. My diet does not compare to the recommendations of the Food Guide Pyramid for there’s nothing really to compare. My equivalent for 2 days is 2.4 for the first day, I did not eat. Only servings I had from either food group was 1 serving of milk, 5.1 cup vegetables, 0 fruit, 0.5 milk, and 2.1, meat and beans. I could modify my diet only if I quit working, seriously. I can take my lunch each day and within it I would include fruits and vegetables. My health is important to me, I do exercise but exercising with not having the correct amount of nutrition intake is basically a waste of time. I am planning to start the Food Planner exercise to help me with daily nutrients I am lacking. Below is a chart of Foods I’ve included in my food dairy | Calories | Fat | Carbohydrates | Protein | Fiber (grams) | Cabbage | 290 | 0 | 70 | 16 | 24 | Corn Bread | 418 | 12 | 69 | 7 | 6 | Milk | 146 | 7.9 | 11 | 8 | 0

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