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Ever since 2005 when chefs highlighted the poor nutritional value of school dinners across the country, many parents have been understandably confused about what is best for their child. Some have even opted out of school dinners altogether and provide their child with a packed lunch or allow them to go home for lunch. Is it possible, however, that in this they are completely misguided. We all know that young children need the right balance of nutritious food to grow and develop. Some parents think that home-prepared packed lunches are healthier than school dinners because they can control the contents. Unfortunately teachers report that more often than not the opposite is true. In some areas children are sent to school with unhealthy lunches or their parents have quickly brought their lunch from the corner shop before school. On some occasions children are even sent to school with no lunch at all. Also, do the children actually eat the packed lunches that they bring? In many schools, they only eat part of their food as if it was a snack, rather than a meal. A lot of the food is wasted and often the food that is eaten does not provide the children with enough energy to concentrate in lessons. On the other hand, Fears that children aren’t getting the right nutrition from school dinners are simply no longer valid. Although it may have been true a few years ago, Jamie Oliver’s campaign was successful in persuading schools to improve the standard of the food they provide. The food is now of a very high quality. Certain guidelines mean that school meals are now very nutritious. They provide the children with the right amount of energy, vitamins and minerals which they need to learn and play. They use many more fresh ingredients than they used to, and are significantly healthier than the high-fat, high-salt and high-sugar packed lunches which many parents provide. Fizzy

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