How to Implement the 5:2 Diet

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As we have heard about the 5:2 diet, on the fast days calories are restricted to 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men. And on the non-fast days you can eat as normal. Fast days can be consecutive or non-consecutive days as per the individual’ s need or ease, that’s the beauty of this diet. I personally find it easier to do non-consecutive days, as it can be hard and tiring. On fast days how the calories are consumed depend entirely on the individual’s preference. * Some choose to consume it all at one seating e.g. dinner or lunch or breakfast or * Some choose to divide it as Dr Mosley did breakfast at 7am and then dinner at 7pm. * Some people find it too large a gap and lose too much energy and make the calories spread out through the day. There really is no one set way. It can be entirely up to the dieter. However the longer the fast hours the better, as this is when your body can relax and start to mend and lose weight at the same time. My understanding is that the total hours of fasting need to add up to 24 hrs. I myself consumed all my calories at dinnertime and throughout the day drank water, herbal teas and coffees (black). But not everyone can do this. I was able to as I’m used to religious fasting for one month every year. Yet I still found it somewhat hard. To keep hunger at bay or feel satiated its been suggested to eat more foods higher in protein and low GI (glycemic index) foods. On normal days or feast days as some call it, there is no need for calorie counting, and one can eat and anything you . The website provides a system which can calculate your own personal calorie intake required to have continuous benefits of the fast diet in terms of weight loss. My calculations were 1600 calories to be consumed on nonfast days. Personal Account of 5:2 Diet: Personally I have been

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