Food Requirments Essay

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Unit 9 Healthy eating For children and young people the nutritional requirements of healthy food is that they have a small amount of sugary food due it it being unhealthy in huge quanities, startchy foods such as potatoes, pasta for fibre, fruit and vegetables (five a day) for vitamins such as vitamins c and d. there is also milk and dairy products to develop strong bones and meat, fish and beans for protein. The five food groups enable a healthy lifestyle when used in the correct amount that is set by the doctors and health specialists. Healthy meals can be Sunday dinners when it is protein and vegetables, jacket potatoe with salad and tuna, pastabakes and cottage pie. Health snacks can be pieces of fruit, crackers, cheese, fruit yoguarts etc. Religions effect food choices by the fact that mnay of them don’t eat meat products on a certainday or because they are vegetations. This may be because of fasting or because of their relgio. Because of this, people need to find placements for the food requirments they are missing by eating either soya or quoren food. Health problems that can effect food choices can be that a child has to have gluten free products only, are allegic to certain foods (pineapple) have had an illness that stops them for eating certain foods (potatoes, brown bread etc.) The benefits of a healthy diet include: * Stabilises energy * Sharpens the mind for thinking * The development of strong bones (calcium) Long term benefits can lower having * Type 2 diabetes * High blood pressure * Cholesterol levels An unhealthy diet can lead to a poor nutrient-to calorie ratio where there are more calories then nutrients due to the food that is being eaten. As well as the development of diseases such as Chronic disease due to lack of nutrients high in fat, salt or sugar. And can cause health problems in the future such as being

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