Snacks in Class?

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Should teachers allow snacks in class ? Personally we all get hungry, so we'll have a bite to eat during class. If we have a snack between classes, it'll help us concentrate. Besides not everyone has time to eat breakfast before school. As well as time in between classes, students don't get a chance to have a snack, because we go to one class to another. So having snacks in class is good because not everyone can wait till lunch. On the other hand, snacks in class can be distracting and it can wait till lunch. If they have snacks during class they might concentrate on the food more the the work. Also students tend to leave messes behind after they eat in class, so teachers won't allow it. But I think if students clean up after themselves, and pay more attention to class, more teachers will allow it. However, having snacks in class can keep people focused more, because it's fuel. Since lunch is a long ways away and most people didn't get the chance to eat breakfast, they'll eat during class. And having only four to five minutes between classes, isn't enough time to get a snack in. Lastly, teachers get to have snacks between breakfast and lunch, so students should get to also. To repeat, people don't have time to eat breakfast. I know I don't eat breakfast in the morning because i'm not hungry in the morning. I'm not use to eating at six thirty in the morning or earlier. So I'll eat during first or second period. For this reason, I think teachers should allow it. Lunch can be a long ways away, so we'll eat during class. As long as there not being disruptive by drinking from their water bottle or smacking on their poptart, they should be fine. Also having food or drinks In class without problems, makes class more enjoyable. Therefore I feel that teachers should let us students eat during
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