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| Capstone Checkpoint | 5/19/2011 | Reflections on Nutrition | Reflect on what you have learned about the science of nutrition, using the assignments you have completed up to this point as reference. What assignment did you enjoy the most? Why? Are there any assignments that you have completed that have affected your life in terms of overall health and nutrition habits? If so, which assignment? How has it impacted you? As I reflect on the last nine weeks in this class, all I can think about is how much each week changed my point of view and life style. As we used the MyPyramid site and learned about obesity and how much it is effecting the younger generation, things have changed in my household. I have added more fresh fruits and vegetables to my family’s meals and snacks. There was also a time during this nine weeks that I learned just how inactive I truly am. Since we assessed our physical activity on the MyPyramid site, I have also added more physical activities into my day so that the energy I am creating with the diet changes is burnt off by the end of the day. Burning this energy off in a more active way is assisting me in my goal of losing weight. The assignment that affected me the most and that I enjoyed most was the activity that required us to track our food intake for 3 days. In this three day period I had NO fruits in my diet at all. I was not getting near the fiber and vegetables that I was required to intake in a day either. I was amazed and decided that it was a great time for a change in my household for me and for my family. There has rarely been an assignment that I did not learn something from and that did not affect some aspect of my life. I am making changes, some slower than others, but at least I have the resources and the knowledge to manage it better. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to take this class and

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