Qualities Our President Should Have

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The president of the United States needs to have numerous qualities to be great. Our country is different from any other, with more rights and freedoms then most. This country needs a president who will protect those freedoms. The president of the United States should be brave, trustworthy, intelligent and determined. From the time of the Revolutionary War this country has gained a government, laws and freedoms. George Washington’s bravery and intelligence led him to great victory. Defeating the British in the Revolutionary War made it possible to become our own country and decide how that country would be run. It was due to Washington’s leadership as a general that we defeated the British; because of that victory Washington was elected the first president of the Unites States. Washington served as president for two terms, during which he accomplished many new things. Washington accepted Jay's treaty, which settled the arguments between America and the British. Washington also decided that the Bill of Rights should be added to the Constitution, agreeing that they should have Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, and Freedom of Religion. George Washington was a brave and intelligent man who fought for his country’s freedom and enforced that freedom as the first president of the United States; due to his accomplishments Washington is remembered as one of the greatest presidents of all time. Other presidents have impacted this country as well. For example, when we faced drought, starvation and poverty during the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt created the New Deal plan. Roosevelt believed it was the federal government’s duty to help the American people get through bad times like the Great Depression. During his presidency, bills were passed to relieve poverty, reduce unemployment and speed up economic recovery. Although these experimental programs did not

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