George Washington- The Legacy

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George Washington - The Legacy George Washington: The Legacy Just being the first President of The United States earns George Washington the #1 spot in my report. George Washington became Americas first President when he unanimously won the election in 1789. He was a man of many features and was considered by all “Father of our country”. ( George Washington was more than just the first President of the United States. He served as a role model for countless soldiers during America’s Revolutionary War and helped establish future presidents. He was a believer in a strong presidency and a stable government. George Washington inherited a nation that was fearful of power. He acted very carefully and was very much aware that the young nation was in desperate need of a strong central Government. He appointed Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State, General Henry Knox as Secretary of War and General Edmund Randolph as Attorney General. By doing this he hoped to keep a stable government. He did have a rule though, the right to empower executive officers and the right to remove them if necessary. ( From early in life, he played an active role in developing our country. He fought in the French and Indian War and also for the independence of the American Colonies in the Revolutionary War. Some of his other achievements were serving as Virginia’s delegate to the Second Continental Congress, serving as Commander in Chief of the continental army. Growing rivalry between the French and British created new opportunities for George Washington. He was dispatched in October of 1753 to warn the French Commander at Fort Le Boeuf not to impede on British claimed territory. Following this dangerous and difficult journey Washington was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.. In 1758, Washington left the army to
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