Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal Vs. Barack Obama'

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Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal vs. Barack Obama's Economic Stimulus Plan Aiding the economy was what both of these plans were meant for. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal aided the American economy to get back on track during the 1930's. Due to the economy suffering severely from the great depression this plan was setup to help boast and get the economy going. Barack Obama's Stimulus Plan was also and aid brought out to save the economy. Due to the country facing the biggest economic crisis since the second world war, Obama and Democratic Party leaders suggested an economic stimulus package to confront the crisis. The nation needed immediate relief and great recovery from the economy downfall. The nation needed a reform to avoid future depressions, due to these being major factors, relief, recovery and reform became Franklin D. Roosevelt's goals when he took the honor as president. The New Deal was a form of authority given to the government to aid help to all classes, groups and sections of our country. The New Deal plan was a form to deliver relief to the unemployed and those in danger of losing farms and homes, it was also set out to recover agriculture and businesses, and reform. When President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his acceptance speech he told the crowd that he pledge to a new deal for the American people, this was where the term New Deal came about. The New Deal had two phases to it. The First Phase, which was in 1933-34, attempted to provide recovery and relief from the Great Depression by programs of agricultural and business regulation, inflation, price stabilization, and public works. The second phase of the New Deal, which was during 1935-41, during the time america was continuing with relief and recovery measures, provided for social and economic legislation which helped benefit the mass of working people. The

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