Eisenhower Lust For Power Analysis

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Man’s quest for absolute power has been one that has plagued humanity since the first civilization of men. However this debauched quest has not been matched by any other society, than the inhabitants of the social decay that is known as United States of America. The corruption that withers our society is all based off of people’s lust for supremacy. For every vice that plagues our world stems from this image of power, that at first seems majestic, but is a siren that lures honest men into their web of corruption. Many men throughout the history of this nation have been lured by this decadence, however no one has matched such a lust for power as Dwight Eisenhower, who is revered a hero among the American people, and Joseph McCarthy, whose infamy…show more content…
President Eisenhower stated in his First Inauguration address, his plans to establish a stronger Federal Government, as well as an effective political power. He also stated that the American people may have to sacrifice what they hold dear in order to stay strong and powerful. (Eisenhower, First Inauguration Address) This was Eisenhower’s reaching point of power for after this speech Eisenhower gained his apex of power. Soon afterwards, Eisenhower began Dynamic Conservatism, which mostly consisted of keeping New Deal Policies in effect and expanding on many, by creating new offices such as the Department of Health, the Department of Education, and the Department of Welfare. (The Right Man for the Right Job). His cabinet consisted of eight business men and one labor leader which some called, "Eight millionaires and a plumber." Dwight’s grasp on The American Dream and power, has Eisenhower being seen as a great man and winning his second term by 57.6% of the popular vote. Due to Eisenhower expanding on New Deal Programs, he was able to express his executive power and create new additions to the Government. This is the supremacy of power for most however for Eisenhower this was only the beginning. After he was re-elected, Eisenhower gave his Second Inauguration Address, which he titled, The Price of Peace. This explained how America was going…show more content…
This confirmed the full extent of Eisenhower’s gauntlet of power. The Eisenhower Doctrine stated that the United States would become the protector of western interest in the Middle East, after the Suez Crisis. This document stated, in addition, that the United States would use any means against any state controlled by International Communism. Eisenhower then initiated Operation Blue Bat, which was the deployment of fifteen thousand American troops to Lebanon in order to set up a Democratic Government. This was ultimately a success however, a complete disregard of the Nuremburg Laws, that is if they were applied to US presidents due to the overthrowing of a non-hostile government for self-indulged reasoning (Hatch). This showed President Eisenhower’s abuse of his power; however he is never tainted by his actions due to its success as well as the fact that during this era, the second Red Scare as in effect and the fear of Communism was at a high. Eisenhower used this fear as an opportunity to wield his power to its zenith and use the public’s fear as an excuse to do

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