America's Role As The World Police

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America`s role as world policeman Since the United States of America gained the right to form their own nation, as a result to winning the war of independence, they considered themselves as the protector of freedom and democracy. Those beliefs grew stronger and later became the main reason as to why they started meddling into the rest of the worlds business after a long period of isolating themselves from European conflicts. During the 1800’s the US tried to isolated themselves from being involved with the European imperialistic politics. However, it was inevitable since their interests clashed as they grew bigger. In 1898 the Spanish- American war began when America decided to liberate the Spanish colonies Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines. The US won and gained control of the colonies, although instead of liberating the colonies they had fought to free and continue the fight against imperialism they became what they had been telling the world that they resented, an empire. This was the first step the US took towards becoming the world’s toughest police officer. After the First World War was won, President Wilson proposed 14 points at the meeting in Versailles that the rest of the world should follow to gain stability and peace in the world. This was the second step. The United States claimed their role as the front line of democracy after the Second World War where they gained the title superpower . The US economy made a considerable profit during WW2 selling goods to the allies and started a massive military rearmament which resulted in the United States having the biggest military and economic power in the world. The only one that threatened their position and ideals were the USSR who had political and economic agendas that opposed the American political structure and their free market model. The two countries became the two sides in a war without

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