Popular American Culture

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The Now Soc/105 The Now Culture is something that individuals learn from birth, it affects the way people look at themselves, and their surroundings. Each individual’s culture influences their culture preference in food, clothing, hair styles, social skills, music, parenting ways, and the way the individual reacts to their environment. Popular culture is everywhere a person can look from television, radio, magazines, newspapers, family, friends, and in work settings all of these things can influences a person’s life in some way or another. It influences the way people behave in public and the way people take to the constant changing in their surroundings. With the constant change in culture because of what society finds acceptable at that time react from our given surrounds in a specific time period. In this current time period there are three major trends in American culture. Starting off with the biggest is reality television, shows such as “Jersey Shore,” “Teen Mom,” and “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” All these reality shows are a huge hit in America, by being able to watch these people’s personal issues play out is fascinating to some people and boring to others. The second major trend but one of the oldest trends sticking out through many of years would be body modification. Getting things such as tattoos, body piercings, and now things like plastic surgery, such as breast implants are all new ways of people to find joy in enjoying their bodies. It is a way that people are not only making themselves to think they are more unique, but also to express their personality’s and making themselves feel one step closer to perfection. Thirdly would be the large variety of music of music in today’s society with genres such as hip-hop, soft and hard rock, country, Hawaiian, reggae,
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