How Is Media Ruining American Society

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Media is the backbone of American society today. People thrive on the drama of knowing what celebrity did what with who, or what stocks crashed this week, or even what the next act of congress might be. Every individual will have their own opinion on how important all of these topics are, but the fact still remains that without media, the large majority of people in today’s American society would be lost. One of the most common forms of media that is accessible by every American today is television. Television allows people to know what’s going on in the world, it gives people endless hours of entertainment, and it even has a certain value in advancing people’s knowledge on certain topics. Whether or not people take advantage of the perks of television is the choice of the lifestyle they have chosen to lead, but the option is still available to them at any given moment. Many people could say that television is ruining American society, but that is hard to believe, seeing as it is probably the strongest, most widely available tool anyone has to get the word out about whatever they wish to say. With this being said, it is obvious that…show more content…
It’s exciting to wonder about what the future may hold for an invention such as the television. Technology is always changing. There is no cut and dry way of telling what’s to come, and the anticipation only adds to it. There are already channels out there inspiring people to be more than they thought they could, and helping people to gain knowledge on subjects that will help them in the future. Television will continue to be used for many reasons. These reasons could be furthering education, educating oneself on the happenings around the world, and giving people new ideas to help themselves. It’s apparent that when television is used in the right manner, people will always profit from it in a number of ways
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