My Generation Have A Role In America's Future Essay

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Does My Generation Have a Role in America’s Future My generation will play many roles in America’s future. For we have the next doctors, lawyers, and maybe even the next president. A lot of people seem to look at my generation from a negative point of view because most crimes that are being committed are by teens, and the drop-out and pregnancy rates have gone up dramatically. Though most people of my generation try to instill a positive image, the negative image blocks that view because it out ways the positive. This generation has begun to show improvement in the past few years. I see my generation succeeding in more ways than one. I plan to become a pharmacist, and great deal of people in my generation has shown interest in going to college. It’s not going to college that is the problem; the problem is enrolling and getting a degree. College drop-out rates have increased and it shows no signs of slowing down. The students who do finish college will be filling in those future professional positions that require…show more content…
By the time someone of my generation steps in and becomes president, the economy will be in full affect. This generation has so many bright and intelligent people who already have plans to better the world around us. We will bring this world to peace and give Americans that security that they have lost over the years. It will be very difficult, but with great effort and hard work it can be achieved. The future of America is a bit foggy to some, but to others it is clear that our country will come back and once again be a dominant nation. I believe that my generation will be the one to find a cure for those diseases that incurable at this time. As we grow, more and more teens and even adults are contracting diseases that they can’t get rid of. I feel that my generation has the brains and the will power to create this cure. This not only includes STDs, but also cancer and other incurable
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