Sociological Ideas in Reality Tv

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Sociologically, reality television offers several reasons as to why we thoroughly enjoy reality programming and why makes us want to integrate what we see on TV into our lives. Symbolic interactionism is the study of how people use things to which they attach meaning to develop their views of the world and to connect with one another. This idea is used to understand cultures and how different actions depict several meanings around the world. In the case of reality television, it has become so popular that people who watch reality programming link themselves and their actions with that of the people they see on these programs. The reason why people are so crazy for reality television is is because there is that possibility that they could be on it. They "cast" and pick people based on personality or even just random luck, but the fact that there is a possibility is what makes people so obsessed. Reality television has another sociological concept known functionalism. Functionalism is a social paradigm that views society as a system of interdependent parts, or subsystems. This concept argues that the social structure is always trying to maintain social balance among all of the components of society. This paradigm is interested in the structure of society and how it impacts people’s lives. Viewers see the various new fashions and technology, through product placement, and hear the latest slang of the participants. This allows them to be right in step with our ever changing society and puts money in the pockets of those placing their products on the program. This demonstration has the individuals in society conversing with one another about a show they like to watch, or in which they can both relate to. Some television shows pit two or more teams against each other in competition with a prize for the winner, the perfect example of a conflict theory. The conflict

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