Why American Love Reality T.V

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Steven Reiss’s article, “why America loves reality TV”, explains that Americans fantasize about being famous. Many Americans believe that if others can achieve fame, so can they. Reiss clarified that contestants from different television shows compete everyday to get the highest ratings out of viewers. Reiss stated: “what seems real about reality TV is that it allows Americans to fantasize about gaining status through instant fame”. According to Reiss reality TV educates viewers its shameless behaviors that are shown by the contestants. These shows teach the youth about life situations. Viewers are trying to be part of the “in crowd” without realizing life consequences. This is an effect on children’s everyday life while trying to be something they are not. People compete with each other trying to be the next superstar. I disagree that Americans watch reality shows to get famous. Most people watch these shows mainly for entertainment. Sometimes, contestants from the shows influence the youth. Many children are watching a show named jersey shore on an everyday basis. Jersey shore is a reality show about ordinary people living together and learning how to get along. There are real life situations on this program which are not always good to be viewed by children. It shows a variety of ways to party; it shows infidelity and in some cases violence. Some of these contestants are role models for the kids. While the contestants are performing their show, children are watching all their shameless behaviors. The contestants think that teaching something so shameless is alright. Some of the youth are amazed at everything that is happening on TV. Many Americans have fallen in love with these reality shows; it seems as if they have become part of the crowd. When reality shows are aired many advertisements are sold. For example: materialistic things such as shirts. When I go
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