Please Stop Laughing at Me

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Things are not always what they seem” we have all heard it, some may have experienced it. In “Please Stop Laughing at Me” the tables do turn and for Jodee Blanco things are not what they seem. It is just a shame it took a grammar school reunion to see it. “Jodee, even though you never graduated with us, we’ve never forgotten you and we wanted to tell you we’re sorry for how we treated you”(page255) reading this I thought; of course you are sorry, she’s successful and that is a slap in the face to a bully. But then “We never hated you, we just didn’t understand you. You were always so willing to take a stand and it made us really uncomfortable. We’ve heard what you’ve don’t with your life and we’re really proud of you.”(page 255). Perhaps things aren’t what they seem. When you are a kid and you stand out, it can be encouraged or found upon. In this case the kids who bullied Jodee did not like her for standing out in a way that now, as adults they admire. Everyone grows up and “looking behind” at their life come to terms with what they did right and what they did wrong. “Then, suddenly, I understood that if sand “Over the Rainbow” to them, it would be a sign of forgiveness, and a reminder of the happy moments of friendship I had once shared with them before the rift between us” (page 255) Jodee could have taken this moment and walked away from it because of fear. But she instead was “seeing through” the faces of the people who once were a problem and see’s the honest and sincere people who stood in front of her that day. Bullying in schools affects students’ safety and sense of security. It is most common in elementary schools (Sampson, 2005). Bullying behavior is any written or verbal expression or physical act or gesture to intimidate, frighten, ridicule, humiliate, or cause harm to another person repeatedly. It used to be viewed as a harmless act, but since then
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