Should There Be Laws Against Bullying?

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Bullying is a plague that creeps up on schools and spreads through rumors, causing innocent students to suffer. This is serious because, bullying is harmful towards anyone, especially to those in school. It could distract students from their studies and create a low self-esteem that can ruin future careers. Now there are already laws towards bullying such as discrimination, assault, and harassment, but those laws need to be enforced. However they are not, because in most cases of bullying it is usually one person’s word against the others. An idea could be that more security should be established in school by providing cameras inside and outside of schools. Supervisors should be more aware of student behavior before, during, and after school. And police should patrol a certain amount of distance to make sure students arrive safe to their homes. Parents should be aware of bullying and be available for any instances that occur. Bullying is a very complex word to define. It is used loosely toward anyone being mean, which is not a crime, just a trait. It is commonly associated on the playground in an elementary school which is probably why it isn’t taken so seriously. But it can happen anywhere, from elementary school to high school, in the workplace, in the home, or even at the bar. It can also come in different forms such as verbal, physical, and indirect. The reasons for bullying can be to obtain something of value such as money, power, or an ego boost. This is why it should be a crime. It is arguable when it comes to bullying being a serious issue or not. Some people believe that bullying is a way of life and that it can make you into a better person. What people are missing is that not everyone copes with bullying the same way; especially when it occurs at a young age. Bullying can cause suicides; maybe not a lot, but that doesn’t mean the issue should be ignored
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