Dont Call Me Ishmael

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cultural text pick a box NARRATIVE STRUCTURE The story is based in Australia and the chief protagonist is Ishmael Leseur, he is a 14 year old who is year 9. He lives in Melbourne Australia. There are some problems in the novel and one of the problems is he gets picked on by a bigger boy called Barry Bagsley who likes to pick on him because of his name. the climax of the story is when he participates in a debating competition as a speaker but, the team they are debating against has the girl that he has loved for like his whole life. in the end he does stuff up but, everything is ok because the girl he likes come up to him at the end and tell him to forget about it and move on. PERSONAL CONNECTION I am similar to Ishmael because when i was younger people used to not bully but, kind of make fun of me because of my last name butt, it was only a minor thing and over time i got over it and ignored them. the difference between me and him is he has the unfortunate disease of Ishmael Leseur syndrome which i do not have. if i was in his situation i would have probably ask to move class to a different one and ask my mum or dad to pick me up after school instead of walking or catching the bus home. GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING In a way it kind of made me look at the world differently because Ishmael has the unfortunate disease of Ishmael leseur which would not be very nice to have. so this made me think of all the people that have this disease and other diseases like this which affect you life majorly in daily life. RESEARCH The cultural festival that I researched was Australia Day which is also the same as Independence Day. Australia Day is on the 26th of January every year and most schools, companies and shops have the day off to celebrate it. The first recorded Australia Day celebrations were held on January 26, 1808, to mark twenty years since Captain

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