John Taylor Gatto Against School Analysis

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Today, I randomly stumbled across this enlightening essay, called Against School and written by John Taylor Gatto. Basically, this guy taught in public schools in New York City for thirty years, and as the result of his experiences, is now strongly against the way public schools are taught. Not just in the United States, but in the whole world. For a minute, I identified with his loathing of current teaching methods since that's basically the subject of this whole blog. But as I read, I realized that our viewpoints are quite different. This guy's a radical. Of course, I'm a conservative, so a whole lot of viewpoints will seem really liberal or radical to me. And neither do I claim to have complete understanding of which viewpoints should be classified under which label. But basically, this guy thinks that public schooling is just wrong by principle. He thinks it's unnecessary, and that all it does is prepare children to be servants to the government by making them dumb, conforming, and childish. At least, this was the gist of the essay as I interpreted it. As I read the essay, I understood and appreciated the writer's point of view until I reached one part. This part is describing the six goals of public education as Alexander Inglis (author of Principles of Secondary Education) and Gatto see them. They include the adjustive function, or…show more content…
Something seems out of whack here. Has it ever occured to the people who believe this that punishment in school is intended to show the child that they have done wrong? Besides which, I don't see dumb people having any trouble reproducing. Personally, they often seem to have less trouble. As a matter of fact, the repressed burnouts in high school who are constantly being embarassed by their teachers seem more likely to go out and have underage sex, or to drop out of school
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