Compare And Contrast Destroying Avalon And Harvey Rain

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‘Destroying Avalon’ & ‘Cinnamon Rain’ Comparative Essay ‘Destroying Avalon’ by Kate McCaffery and ‘Cinnamon Rain’ by Emma Cameron are both young adult novels that feature a large array of contemporary issues, a mandatory English unit for Year eight students. ‘Cinnamon Rain’ and ‘Destroying Avalon’ are both very different books that contain very different issues, all of them contemporary. But almost everything about these two books is different. ‘Cinnamon Rain’ deals with three students in their final years of high school, at a turning point. The three main characters are about to make decisions that will change their lives forever. ‘Destroying Avalon’ is about a fourteen year old girl who moves from the country to the city, and then is cyber-bullied, day and night. Despite the vast difference in style, theme and issues, both novels effectively conveyed their message. Whilst ‘Cinnamon Rain’ was…show more content…
While the characters of ‘Cinnamon Rain’ are relatable, they aren’t as close to a year eight student, due the age difference. It’s harder to understand how the characters of ‘Cinnamon Rain’ are feeling, as it is highly likely that none of the year eight students studying the topic ‘Contemporary Issues’ have been in the same circumstances as the characters of ‘Cinnamon Rain’. While students may not understand the circumstances of characters in ‘Cinnamon Rain’, it will be easier for them to understand the circumstances and setting Avalon is in. Avalon is cyber-bullied, and most year eight students will understand how effective cyber-bullying is at wearing down a person’s self-esteem. They will be able to understand that not everyone fits in and is ‘popular’ at school, and how some are bullied because of it. But many of the concepts in ‘Cinnamon Rain’ will be foreign to the students, as they aren’t old enough, or have never been in that

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