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Synthetic Paper Rahm Emmanuel statement In the Denver Post, David harsanyi (columnist) responded on “Rahm Emmanuel statement”. There is no question that the “Rahm Emmanuel Statement” raised a number of people eyebrows. Is the word “Retarded” as bad as using the “N-word”? How would one put it in to play or comprise the depth of how the words are used? White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's verbal indiscretion referring to some liberal activists as "f**king retarded” has shined a spotlight on just how certain the R-word is in American conversation, and how offensive it can be for millions of Americans. Linda Johnson, from Highlands Ranch states “This culture wishes my daughter were dead, and whatever it takes to make people sit up and recognize that my daughter and other like her are human beings deserving of love and our protection and respect, not synonyms for insulting adjectives, is fine with me.…show more content…
They are also loving, kind, gentle, sweet, and are not a threat. When retarded is used as a pejorative term, it reinforces in people's minds the association between "retarded" and something to be feared, mocked, and disdained. I think the President's nasty side swipe at the Special Olympics was worse, but yeah, I am pretty sick and tired of grown-ups who ought to know better using 'retarded' as a school yard taunt, and I am sick of people defending it as well.” She is clearly stating that she has a very dislike for the word “Retard”. “Emanuel's ill-advised use of the word "retarded" is not all that different from Obama's using it to describe his bowling, however, I do believe neither intended to demean the mentally handicapped.” Stated by Juan Garcia, From Lakewood, he clearly believing that there was no harm done in using the

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