Physical, Intellectual and Emotional Development of Conception

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CONCEPTION PHYSICAL Conception is the beginning of human development and happens when the sperm meets an egg. In the first month, the first two weeks will be the embryo attaching itself to the uterine wall. After 25 days, the baby’s body will start to develop (only the head, followed by the trunk and arm buds). The heart will also start beating. By 30 days, the baby will be a quarter of an inch long. They will have a brain, eyes, ears and mouth as well as the kidneys, liver and umbilical cord. The baby’s blood is pumped round the body by the heart. During the second month, the embryo increases from 5mm to 40mm. during the sixth week, the fingers and toes will start to grow and by the seventh week, the baby has its own fingerprints. Eyes and ears will appear but won’t be in full shape. When it is close to the eighth week, the baby will start to move. By the third, fourth and fifth month the baby can feel pain and can make facial expressions. The baby can respond to sound and their heart will beat faster if a light is shined on the mother’s abdomen. The baby now has hair, eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as a strong grip and kick. By months 6 to 9, the baby can suck their thumb and will be more active when the mother lies down. How the mother feels affects the fetal activity. There is plenty of room in the womb so the baby can move around. At birth, the last weeks of pregnancy will have the baby’s head facing downwards. The uterus walls will start to contract and the cervix will dilate, causing the baby to pass into the vagina. The baby gasps and cries after birth, so the lungs start to work. The voices of the parents will be recognized. After the birth, the placenta and umbilical cord are removed. INTELLECTUAL Before birth, babies are able to recognize a mother’s voice, which develops their brain before they are born. After the sperm meets the egg,
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